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The latest fashion trend for spring is Our's Feather Hair Extensions. This is a beautiful, fast and fabulous way to add interest and style to your natural hair. Our's Feather hair extensions vary in quality depending on the supplier, which in turn affects durability and looks. Our's Feather hair extensions are available in an array of colors that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair to add subtle or dramatic highlights without damage or altering color.

We are famous for our huge selections of feathers in our Astoria, Queens, NYC location close to Manhattan and Long Island. Our feather hair extensions selection is huge. We have hundreds of feathers to choose from. Our hair feathers comes in blue feathers, red hair feathers, yellow hair feathers, green hair feathers and more. Looking for feather hair extensions in NYC? Feather hair extensions in Manhattan? Feather hair extensions in Long Island? Visit our Astoria, Queens, location, we are close to all! No appointment is necessary! Just walk in and you will leave with the best feather extensions in NY, and have the look you wanted. Feather extensions are great for all ages. Great for school kids! Great for teens! Fantastic for women who want to accent their hair!

Our's Feather Hair Extensions are considered to be more important for people who feel inferior about their own hair. Most of the people believe that their hair plays an important role in appearance. Our's Feather Hair Extensions are part of the beauty. It enriches the beauty of a person. A long healthy, strong, shiny hair makes oneself feel good and proud. Our's Feather Hair Extensions Salon is there to wipe away your problems. Our's Feather Hair Extensions introduce you to the new world of fashion that completely transforms your look. Our's Feather Hair Extensions is revolutionizing the world of hair extensions. The line of feather additions and extensions was created by our well trained full time experts to provide the customers an alternative to traditional hair extensions.

Are you looking for a way to add drama and flair to your hair in this season? Check out the latest hot trend from Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon. We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers. Feather Hair Extensions are available in an assortment of colors, widths and lengths, these remarkable yet affordable accents are already sweeping their way through Hollywood.

A new and simple chemical-free technique utilizes silicone bead technology, which allows our licensed stylist to safely apply as many or as few feathers to create a subtle or dramatic effect. And because they come in an array of colors, there is no limit to the imagination or desired effect.

Feather Hair Extensions features

  • Colored long teal, grizzly, and cream mixture feathers 6-12 inches long
  • Comes with two crimp beads, blond and dark. Wash, curl, flat iron, or blow dry the feather hair extensions
  • Gives hair a beautiful trendy look
  • 24 feathers all together
  • features new style feathers

Feather Hair Extensions are the latest way to create visually stunning effects, colors, and patterns by using natures high lights, and are the clever way to add creative color and flare to natural hair.

Each feather hair extension, is made from a collection of between 5-7 feathers, ranging from 7" 14" in length. Feather-your-heads extensions are a hand selected combination of the best grade feathers attached using an adhesive, and are fitted using the Micro loop method.(micro beads and fitting sheet included).This way you can take them out, move them around your head, put them in for parties only, or keep them in for up to 3 months. Our's feather extensions can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled (on low heat). They will last anywhere from one to four months, depending on how you care for them.

There are a number of positive reasons for visiting our Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon which have professional feather hair extensions experts. Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon is the only feather hair extensions in the country which has all the latest and the best facilities for feather hair extension. In Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon your own hair is not damaged. The patented attachment of feather hair extension to your own hair offers you perfect freedom and style in organizing your leisure time and in your freedom of action but in no way compromises to get the quality of your own hair styles.

In Our Feather Hair Extensions Salon, Best feather hair extensions are available in bold colors, natural-looking lowlights, and everything in between, adding pizzazz to any style. We charge $15 a feather, that includes the feather extension and install. They are easily installed in less than 10 minutes, easily removed in less than five minutes and can add any color to your hair without bleaching coloring or damaging the natural hair, says Our owner/stylist, Our Feather hair Extensions Salon, New York City, Manhattan, NY, NYC area and we do give service to the people they are from NY, NJ, CT, Queens, Long Island, Astoria, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island areas.

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